Embassy of Grenada in People's Republic of China

Grenada Embassy in China

Welcome to Embassy of Grenada in People's Republic of China

New ePassport system for Grenada
The Embassy of Grenada in China wishes to inform all Grenadian Nationals that 
the Government of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique will be transitioning 
to the new ePassport effective 16th July 2018.  
A Caribbean Community Grenada Passport issued under the Passports (Fees) 
Regulations, Chapter 226 prior to 16th July 2018 shall continue to be valid 
pursuant to the provisions of these Regulations until the date of expiration 
of the passport, unless cancelled or withdrawn in accordance with section 3
 of the Passports Act, Chapter 226. 
As of close of business 6th July 2018 processing of Grenada passports 
has been temporarily suspended to allow for the transition at the Immigration
 and Passport Department in Grenada. 
Passports received after this date will be subject to the new rules, regulations 
and fees of the new ePassport system.
In 2023, all passports issued by the Immigration and Passport Department in 
Grenada will be machine-readable ePassports – a biometric/digital passport, 
enhanced with an embedded electronic microprocessor, 
which is distinguished by a logo on the front cover. This microprocessor 
will be used to obtain data that will authenticate the identity of the passport 
holder for security purposes and ease of travel.
The new fee for the ePassports will be US$175.00.  
The fee for Lost/Stolen/Damaged passports will be US$350.00.
The Embassy of Grenada in China apologises for any inconvenience 
that may be caused during this transition period and looks forward 
to working with the Diaspora to meet your needs 
once the new ePassport system is in place.


Embassy staff

H.E. Abbie S. David 

     •Ambassador of Grenada to China 

Michael A. Mitchell 

     •Minister counsellor 

Charles C. Liu

     •Commercial Attache 

Consular Service

Handling passport application by the immigration office, sent to the Grenada; 
Issue travel documents in an emergency;
Assist Grenadians residing in China with document authentication;
Assist Grenada pensioners in China;
Provide information for Grenada nationals returning to China; 


The Embassy of Grenada is located at:
Building 5, Entrance 2, Suit 5-2                            
Ta Yuan Diplomatic Compound                     
Xin Dong Road, Chaoyang District            
Beijing, China 100600

Office hour: from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday
The office is closed in Chinese public holidays and public holidays in Grenada.