Embassy of Grenada in People's Republic of China

Chinese Zodiac Cultural Aesthetics Art International Exchange

“Be Perfect ·Enjoy China” ---Chinese Zodiac Cultural Aesthetics Art International Exchange
In order to demonstrate the profound traditional Chinese zodiac culture, and to demonstrate the unique role the Chinese zodiac culture may play in promoting people-to-people contact and cultural exchanges and mutual learning in line with the initiative of "One Belt One Road", “Be Perfect ·Enjoy China” --- Chinese Zodiac Cultural Aesthetics Art International Exchange & Gift Presenting Ceremony was held in Diaoyutai State Guest House on November 20, 2017 by Public Diplomacy and Culture Exchange Center.
Many foreign ambassadors in China, and former Chinese ambassadors, representatives from the organizations and the press participated in this event.


All the guests home and abroad have discussed the aesthetics art of the zodiac culture and human connection among countries.

H.E. Mr. Denis Antoine, ambassador of Grenada to China delivered the following speech:


The Folktale of the Yellow Emperor, the legendary ancestor of the Chinese people, tells a most enchanting story of how the twelve animals were selected to serve as bodyguards, and the twelve winners of the competition became the twelve animals of Chinese zodiac.

Chinese Zodiac has been associated with pre-historic worship, and a way to keep track of when people were born, with years and animals, associated in a fixed order, for clarity and for ease of recording. Every day, millions of Chinese citizens and believers across the globe consult the Chinese Zodiac.

Today in Modern societies Chinese zodiac culture continue to play a very significant role in promoting people-to-people contacts, cultural exchanges, and mutual learning. People use Chinese Zodiac to find their horoscope compatibilities or love compatibilities before starting relationships. It is therefore a fitting cultural ingredient to enrich “the One Belt One Road" initiative“, by bringing attention to this cross cultural ritual; and because of the high priority now placed on trade in culture worldwide.

There is a strong industry in the production and marketing of images of the Chinese zodiac.

Crafts of the 12 Animal Signs, range from Salt Dough Craft, paper cuttings, jade, stone and clay carvings.

Among the most valuable treasures of any nation is its artistic culture and China is definitely a bastion of cultural heritage. .The work of the artist reflects the personal and cultural traditions and values. The Chinese zodiac, a tradition of over three millennia, still we can all agree that with its popularity, the Zodiac culture and its aesthetics art, will go on forever.

This China's folk culture, which reflects the rich sensibility, that people's characters are determined to some degree, by the year of their birth; is a belief that will continue to give prominence to Chinese zodiac; in the life of Chinese people, particularly because of personal characteristics associated with each of the Animal Years. Over the ages, the Chinese Zodiac has awakened Chinese imagination and the exploration of the human conditions.

The star signs of the Western zodiac are based on people's star signs, rather than animals, but both Zodiacs make the same claim about characters and destiny. Today the twelve Animal Years of the Chinese zodiac is as follows: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. In many ways, this order has brought romance and harmony, admiration and in deed destiny, because our culture as a people will continue to identify and define our destiny; what’s your sign or which Animal are you, are among the first exchanges when social relationships begin? Cultural values, which promote peace, understanding, and harmony and inspire creativity.