Embassy of Grenada in People's Republic of China

Participation of the event "Hundreds of Countries, Hundreds of Brands"

Participation of the event "Hundreds of Countries, Hundreds of Brands"

On September 12th, 2018, Ambassador Denis Antoine was invited to participate in the event called "Hundreds of Countries, Hundreds of Brands". Ambassador gave a detailed introduction of Nutmeg for Chinese audience. 

Ambassador begun his presentation with an introduction of Grenada. then he mentioned ,"You cannot really miss nutmegs in Grenada. Drive anywhere north (or east) of St.George's, and you'll find yourself among nutmeg trees. If you do not know what you are looking at, you may well think they are apricots, though. We have thousands and thousands of trees, and Grenada is the largest producer of nutmegs in the western hemisphere, as one of two major nutmeg producers."

He also explained the benefits of nutmeg. "
The fruit is made into jam. And liqueur. And syrup, without which a Grenadian rum punch just would not be Grenadian. Or add the syrup to fruit salads, eat it with pancakes, baste chicken with it. Mace turns up in lipstick and nail varnish, as well as in most of the world's sausages. The shell of the kernel is used as mulch, as gravel, and as fuel for burning.
The nutmeg itself yields an essential oil as well as being a spice. It is used in aromatherapy massages for rheumatism and arthritis, and as an inhalation oil."



In addition, he also introduced education, tourism and living environment of Grenada to Chinese audience.  He welcomed Chinese to go to Grenada to study, to travel and even make it a second home. he also hope that Grenadian products can be introduced into China in the future.